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Grand Knight Meeting Agenda


 Council Minutes  June 1, 2023


Brother Knights,

Below are the meeting minutes from the June 1, 2023 business meeting.  Please review the minutes and if there are any changes or additions please plan to bring them up during the business meeting this Thursday August 3, 2023.

Minutes of meeting Council 7904


By Martin Koreck

Rosary called at 630 pm.

Meeting called to order at 700 pm.

Henry Armstrong -introduction new member.

Opening prayer- Deacon Richard


Minutes as amended will be accepted.

Lecture Deacon Richard inspirational lesson.

New members Yoshio Adachi, Mike McDonald not present

June 12th 830 am. Mass for deceased Knights

June 14th flag day

June 18 Father’s Day.

June 19th fourth degree meeting.

June 25th officers meeting.

June 30th fraternal year ends.

New Business

Financial report 294 members/1 away from star council rating/ bring in 1 guy before June 30th.

Mark Goetz May 18,887lbs 230lbs over last year to date 43,019lbs/ 20,424lbs over last year SVDP looking for delivery drivers.

Outing to diamondbacks 09/29 5pm Departure, $65 inclusive of bus and ticket we are playing Houston Astros. An exclusive catholic Diocese of Phoenix hat will be given out.

Respect life successful year.

Educate RE approved next year.

monument pavers and benches.

First way – Aids to women $5000

Maggies Place – $3000 average per place

$6000 last year back to parish spiritual adoption give back to parish growing prolife church.

Jerry Schevers 25 jobs 200hrs $270 donations

Doughnuts start September start 09/10/2023.

Youth group first Sundays of month for Doughnuts.

Frank Sullivan men of Cross wear cross with pride $5 donation

Tim smith- Pastoral council- new improved sound system donated by anonymous donor. $23000.

Fountain done.

SVDP Joe Kamal busy now cuts in EBT and Snap program.

Food drive fall bags distributed 11/4/2023 & 11/05/2023==11/11/2023 & 11/12 collected

Unopened cans nonperishable foods

Food rescues sprouts/fry’s biggest contributors/target/WinCo/food city

Mike Grimes’ exemplification 6/10/2023 Glendale.

Next meeting 19th June

District deputy Roger Molieri-Prolife submission. Membership state men of cross similar program small groups of faith-based church based small group based no structure CORE meeting Deacon Bruce Bennett Saint Mary

Benches proposed waiting for Father Larry.

Waiting cost.

Delta Drive successful.

Closing Prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

I’m very grateful to Brother Martin Koreck, our new Recorder, for providing the meeting minutes.

I am also very grateful to Brother Dick Polfliet for taking my place in leading the meeting while I was recovering from my surgical procedure.  

Officers for the up-coming year:

Grand Knight   –    Marcus Ray
Deputy Gran Knight  –  Victor Huerter
Financial Secretary  –  Tim Smith after our April
Treasurer  –  Mike Miller
Recorder  –  Martin Koreck
Chancellor  –  Joe Sales
Warden  –  Paul Hawkins
Outside Guard  –  George Sever
Inside Guard  –  Bob and Ryan
Trustees  –  Mike Grimes, Mark Goetz, Paul Munsberger

Blessings to one and all,

Marcus Ray – GK Council 7904

Vivat Jesus!