Father William J. Mitchell Assembly 3817

Current Officers

Proudly Serving Holy Cross Parish Mesa, AZ

Installation of Assembly Officers

In Order

Faithful Friar—SK Rev Lawrence Merta

Faithful Navigator—SK Michael Grimes

Captain—SK Edward Padilla  

Pilot—SK Richard Polfliet 

Comptroller—SK Clarence Jordan

Scribe—SK Manuel Escarcega

Purser—SK George Sever

Inner Sentinel(s)—SK Daniel Naegele

Outer Sentinel(s)—SK Michael Miller

Admiral—SK Mark Goetz 

1 Trustee—SK Gerald Walsh 

2 Trustee—SK Hector Ortiz 

3 Trustee—SK Martin Koreck

Holy Cross Catholic Church / 1244 South Power Road / Mesa, AZ 85206

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