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November 2022

Grand Knight’s Newsletter 7904

Marcus Ray – GK – KofC Council 7904 

Brother Knights, 

October was a very busy month for Council 7904. November promises to be just as busy: 

We continue serving donuts after the Sunday masses (7, 9 and 11AM). Donut teams and dates are posted on the KofC Council 7904 bulletin board and on the website. 

November 3rd is our monthly Rosary (6:30) and Business Meeting (7PM). I hope to see you all there. 

November 5th and 6th We are assisting St. Vincent DePaul with their food drive. We will be handing out bags after all the masses. Please wear your Council polo shirts and plan to stay a few minutes after mass to hand out the bags. 

November 6th 8:00AM to noon – We’re signing up blood donors in the courtyard for our bloodmobile on November 20th. Please sign up and encourage others to do likewise 

November 12th is the mass for deceased knights. 8:30 AM 

November 12th and 13th Delta Church Drive. Recruiting new knights for Council 7904. All members please wear your Council polo shirt. Please arrive early for mass for two reasons. We need nights to pass out prayer cards to all mass attendees before mass 


November 12th and 13th We continue to assist St. Vincent DePaul with their food drive. We will assist mass attendees with their bags of food donations while handing out prayer cards for the recruiting drive. Let’s show everyone what The Strong Right Arm of the Church is all about!! An active council is a council that recruits new members. 

November 13th 8:00AM to noon – We’re signing up blood donors in the courtyard for our bloodmobile on November 20th. Please sign up and encourage others to do likewise 

November 14th CUF exemplification in the church. Arrive 6:00 PM. CUF starts at 6:30. Refreshments following the CUF. 

November 17th Officers meeting in Wellens Hall. (Our normal meeting schedule would fall on Thanksgiving). 

November 20th 8:00 AM to noon – Bloodmobile in the parking lot. 

November 20th Breakfast in Wellens hall to fuel up our blood donors and promote community. 

November 21st 7:00 PM– 4th degree meeting Wellens Hall 

November 24th Thanksgiving 

Looking ahead into December… 

December 1st is the monthly Business Meeting. 6:30 PM Rosary, 7:00PM Meeting 

December 12th 8:30 AM – Mass for deceased knights 

December 24th Christmas eve 

December 25th Christmas day. 

In November we enter what is referred to as the “Holiday Season”. No doubt about it, many holidays are coming up in November and December. Will it be “happy holidays” or “Merry Christmas” for you this year. Some argue that not everybody celebrates Christmas. It doesn’t matter. I wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day. I don’t care if they’re mothers or not. I don’t even care if they’re women. EVERYONE can have a happy day on Mother’s Day. And likewise EVERYONE can be merry during the Christmas season. (yeah, my wife says I’m weird) As the song says, “they’ll know we are Christians by our love” Love everyone and wish them a Merry Christmas, even if they are not Christian, or if you don’t know. If they are receptive to your greeting it will make their day. If they are not, move on, someone else is waiting to be lifted up by your spirit of love.

Remember Christ is the Reason for the Season. 


Marcus Ray – GK – KofC Council 7904 

(480) 734-8103 

Vivat Jesus! 

Important Information For All Council Volunteers:

Click the above links to register for a Called to Protect class or renewal (required for all Council members) or to take a test to receive your Maricopa County food handler’s card (required for all volunteers at events where food is served).

Click Here to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild

For the Good of the Order – With the Lord (Update 11/01/22)

For the Good of the Order – With the Lord

  • SK Jack Terry wife Rosemary went to the Lord on July 10, 2022.
  • SK Michael Millard Aunt (Sister Lorraine Brown) went to the Lord on July 21 (In SD)
  • SK Gordon Shirling Mother (Wanda) went to the Lord October 7, 2022. A Memorial Service will be conducted via Zoom on Friday, Nov. 25, 2022, at 1:00 PM AZST Interment of Ashes will be at Oak Hill Cemetery at a later date.

For the Good of the Order – Those in Need of Our Prayers for Healing (Update 10/25/22)

  • SK Tom White = Worthy District Deputy
  • SK Jim Wingate’s wife Rita
  • SK Mike Powell and his wife Mary
  • SK Tom Poeschl
  • SK Victor Scott’s son Gary
  • SK Richard Polfliet wife Lottie
  • SK Hector Ortiz wife Mary
  • SK Jose Contreras
  • SK Robert Guyton Jr wife Diana
  • SK Gerald Casterton
  • SK Deacon Richard Conn wife Mary Michael
  • SK Marcus Ray wife nephew (Dan)
  • SK Jerry Schevers
  • SK Rod Hanks
  • SK Tony Haddad
  • SK Tony Haddad spouse Carol
  • SK Marcus Ray’s daughters’ mother
  • SK Michael Miller – Brother-in-Law – Tom Miller
  • SK Michael Miller – Mother Bernadette
  • SK Mark Goetz – Brother-in-Law – Richard Byrne
  • SK Manny Escarcega
  • SK Martin Koreck’ s wife – Ellen
  • SK Jerry Alderton
  • SK Ken Piotro
  • SK Bob Salas – son
  • SK George Sever – son Elliot
  • SK Jerry Walsh
  • GK Marcus Ray